Want to have goosebumps? Watch this incredible video now!
Cymatics is a project by Nigel Stanford, who created the music behind this video.


I have been researching into interactive campaigns for a current project at university, and I came across this beauty! Burberry released a campaign called Burberry Kisses. The campaign allowed people to scan/take a photo of their lips and send it someone across the world. The aim of this was advertise their new beauty range, but it took on a much larger scale in the end. The photos of people's lips even featured in the windows of Burberry shops. The idea of fashion and technology combining is powerful and exciting. 


That damn F word! FEMINISM.

This is from my idea book, that I mentioned in a previous post.

For, the strategy was to rebrand feminism due to its stigma and to apply it to the modern day.

The concept is to rid myths of feminism (to show that it is not women with hairy legs trying to rule the world).

People need to be educated on what feminism really is! Feminism is equality between women and men, simple. It means that if a man and a woman have the same job roles, they should be payed the same (sadly in some countries/companies this does not happen). Also it's about choice, showing that if a woman wants to be a housewife, she can and she can be a feminist because she made that decision.


My genius book...or my ideas book, whatever you like to call it. This is my Moleskin book that I keep my ideas for advertising and design safe. I often write down the client, the strategy, the concept, and a couple of drawings to show my idea so I don't forget. I haven't shared with you any of my work from this book yet, but I will start to do that. 


My advert for Penguin Classic books. I did intact do most of this physically rather than using software as I wanted to do something different and hands on for a change. I cut out the typography, placed a patterned sheet of paper behind, levitated the copywriting paper to gain a drop shadow effect, and used studio lighting to take the photo. I later edited the rest using Adobe Illustrator.

Strategy: Classic books are hardly looked at by a young generation unless they are in education, so I wanted to show that these stories are interesting, romantic, adventurous, explicit, funny, etc. The strategy was to encourage excitement in old stories by revealing a little about the narrative. They can then find more about the story by reading the book.

Concept: Using just typography and rhetorical questions it will stand out to the consumer and provide thought-provoking answers. I wanted the design to reflect Penguin Classic books so that there will be instant product recognition.

Please share if you like the idea. 


Arts Thread is a London based company, which provides advice, information, job opportunities, competitions, and portfolio showcases for new creatives. It's a fantastic site, however it was very confusing for users. I had done some research with the target market to establish what needed to change and why things did not work well.

This my final designs for their updated branding, website, and poster.

I wanted the branding to be bright but also non-gendered so it appeals to everyone. The brand identity also had to look modern and simplistic. I created a unique shape which can be associated with the company, it's a combination of the 4 main shapes they use (circle, hexagon, diamond, and triangle), this would be used for directions at events, guides, etc.

The website is simplistic but provides the right amount of information and organised easier. The old website had too many list-like features whereas this layout makes it look exciting and visually pleasing. Above is the homepage, showing about the company and how it works, along with the main menu. Above is also the Events page, which is coded with the shapes so that the events can be quickly viewed, having the events page in a calendar format means it's effortless to view. 


A few months ago I worked with company Arts Thread from London. We established that they needed to update their branding and website, and hopefully get more adverts out there. I spent a 6 weeks working with them, pitching ideas, boardroom meetings, etc. It was a team work effort between me and Tom Scandariato. Alex Brownless, the co-founder, really enjoyed our work.

I wanted to go back through the project with more clarity and change things around dramatically. Above is my quick wireframe sketch for the new website layout, and so on the next post I will show you the final outcomes of my work, portfolio ready. 
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