This is Dolce & Gabbana's Autumn/Winter 2014 advertising campaign, and although it ticks my normal fantasy photography and style, I'm not particularly sure with this. So some reason I think that D&G are taking inspiration from Monty Python's 'Knights who say ni', Little Red Riding Hood, Oliver Twist, witches, and the White Queen. This is completely unique to D&G's normal campaigns, which focus on the Italian culture, heritage, family, sophistication, and flirtation.

What do you think of Dolce & Gabbana's campaign; yay or nay?


Here is a little collage showing you the type of stuff I pin on my Pinterest account - so if you're interested in advertising, street style, home interior, studio interior, graphic design, packaging, typography, hair and make up, layouts, digital and app design, art, illustration, photography, web design, and info graphics, or travel photos, then follow me on Pinterest.

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Patrycja Podkoscielny is an illustrator and graphic designer from Poland. I love the dark colours and grungy effect throughout her work. These images above are from various collections so they differ in style and technique. 

Want more information, check out http://podkoscielny.com
or check out her Instagram at http://instagram.com/podkoscielny


I went to Bristol yesterday for some mini golf at Cabot Circus and being generally nosey. I walked through graffiti street and had to take some photos of the art that I liked best - how talented are these people!??

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Barbie's were a big part of my childhood, and although receiving massive criticism, I still love them. Now Mattel has now released Barbie Entrepreneur, which encourages girls to have a career that they are in charge of. (Not the Barbie in the photo on the left). Over the years Barbie dolls have had many jobs, including being a vet, astronaut, footballer, ballerina, doctor, and pilot.
Although Barbie has had much criticism over her unrealistic appearance, at least Barbie had a career and didn't rely on Ken's job to support herself. Barbie was and always has been independent. Most young girls never even notice the unrealistic proportions of the doll. However, what about the amazing models out there like Kate Moss, Cara Delevinge, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who do have super long legs, thin waists, big boobs - why are they deemed non-real women by others? They look real enough to me.

The new entrepreneur doll shows that girls can be stylish, beautiful, intelligent, independent, and in control.

When I was young, I used my dolls to express how I would like to live when I was older, what career I'd had, what lifestyle, etc. It gave me a focus. My Barbie's would be dressed in cool clothes, loved shopping, went to parties, met up with her friend's in a coffee shop, worked as an artist and photographer, went travelling across the world. I was 5 when I used to do this.

Did you love Barbie?


So before we get bombarded with Autumn/Winter 2014 ad campaigns from designer fashion houses, let's take a little look back to last year with Mulberry's ad campaign featuring "It" model Cara Delevinge.

The ad campaign was shot by famous photographer Tim Walker! - Can you tell with the dreamy scenes and complimenting colours? Cara seems to take on another level by upping the game for cat ladies out there, by being owl woman. I can only wonder how much bird shit there was at the shoot. The poor cleaner! Nonetheless, Mulberrry's campaign is beautifully British, and sophisticated. The wild and romantic setting was created by set designer Shona Heath, in an Oxfordshire house. Cara looks very intellectual with her preppy, outfits, next to the wise owls, showing that Mulberry's designs are the signature to appearing highbrow.


Truth Be Told painting by Danielle O'Connor Akiyama, £875, Blue Dot Gallery 
Mad Women by Jane Maas book, BANTAM, £7.01, Amazon 
The Advertising Concept Book by Pete Barry, THAMES&HUDSON, £15.30, Amazon 
Glam and Soul gold necklace pendant, THOMAS SABO, £70, Thomas Sabo 
Gold watch round dial, MARC BY MARC JACOBS, £165, John Lewis
Black straw fedora hat, RI, £18, River Island
Raskog grey metal trolley, IKEA, £50, IKEA
Alien  Eau Extraordinaire 60ml perfume, THIERRY MUGLER, £49.50, Boots