“Don't you ever get the feeling that all your life is going by and you're not taking advantage of it? Do you realize you've lived nearly half the time you have to live already?"

This is an extremely late post! I wanted to mention that in the Summer (2014) I read Ernest Hemingway's classic novel The Sun Also Rises, and afterwards I watched the 1957 film. The story revolves around a writer, who lives in Paris, and travels to Spain with a group of friends for the bullfighting. Although Hemingway is a well know fantastic author, I felt like this book was hardly riveting. It is however full of adventure, love, affairs, friendship, conflict, and discrimination. The themes are the wandering lost generation, male insecurity and the destructiveness of sex. 

(image is not my own)


I have been a member on Behance for a while, but it really needed an update. It had old work, especially stuff that I was not even proud of calling mine because my skills have developed so much in the last couple of years. This is NOT my portfolio. I will be publishing a website soon with my portfolio work on there, however Behance is used as a place to show off my collection of work. The social media of creative work.

Check out my Behance and work here at Emily Jayne Lewis Behance . If you like anything please 'appreciate' it, thanks! 


Yesterday I went to Revolve Studios at House of Fraser for a photoshoot, make over and hair done. This is one of the final photos. It was really good and the staff were really friendly. The dress I am wearing in this photo is from H&M.


Yesterday was my friend Aled's birthday and so to celebrate we went to PieMinister. It was my first time. I was nervous. He had never spoke to me befo.....oh wait wrong story! Anyway, PieMinister is awesome. It serves proper British food in a quirky/contemporary way.

I chose the matador pie (beef, chorizo, butter beans and olives) with sweet potato fries, and red coleslaw. I'm not sure if you could hear my food orgasm across the land but I promise I am not dribbling as I write this.  Plus, the thick gravy came in a separate in a gravy boat so I could put on exactly how much I'd like.

Overall, PieMinister is good for the money (my bill was £9.25), a cool place to go, and serves tasty food. Simple.

(Photography is not mine, it is from the PieMinister's Pinterest)


A few years ago UGG boots were seen on nearly very chav in Britain. Those who couldn't afford the real brand opted for fakes, which exacerbated the problem, with fallen insteps, slippery grips, thing material, and overall sloppy look. UGG was suffering from association, the same as Burberry had done previously.

UGG campaigns have always shown a desirable lifestyle, an Australian heritage, but after the chav epidemic I thought they were going to suffer due to affiliation. A few years later, and UGG's newest advertising campaign features Ernest Hemingway's great granddaughter, Langley Fox Hemingway. Luckily, the brand never responded or gave into the stereotype. The phase soon went out.

Langley Fox Hemingway is shown leading a covetable lifestyle, sat in her modern apartment drawing, all whilst sporting UGG boots in black and white photographs. Even myself, who cringes every time I see UGG because in the back of mind they are linked to chavs, want to buy them! Langley Fox Hemingway is not just drawing for a pose, she is actually an illustrator! Below is one of her drawings for a Louis Vuitton project, titled 'Hemingway verse Fitzgerald'.

Read more about the collaboration with Langley Fox Hemingway at the Ugg blog.
Check out Langley Fox's illustrations at her website.


Some people say they are shit, some people say they are great. I am one of those people who believe New Year resolutions are great. Resolutions allow you to evaluate what you've done, who you are, and helps set personal goals.

My 2015 new year resolutions are:
1. Eat healthy.
I normally eat very healthy, however Christmas is for indulging yourself. I not ate too many sweets, but cheese is my ultimately downfall. I fucking love cheese, Gromit! I need to pick up my fruits and veg more come January.

2. Exercise more
I am a fairly active person, but I've stopped going to the gym since I started uni in Septemeber. I aim to take the 5 floors of stairs at uni more and avoid the lift. And try walking instead of driving short distances.

3. Read more
I love books. But I often get distracted by work when I am back in uni so I need to make sure I keep on reading though out each semester and not just at holidays. Since I've been off from Christmas I have read 3 books, and I've got a few more I want to start.

4. Avoid stress
I stress, about, everything. I don't mean too, but I have an anxiety disorder which doesn't help the situation. This last year I have been pretty good and hardly any panic attacks, so let's keep that up! I need to remind myself to breath and count to 10 when I start getting anxious, that usually helps me.

5. Have a 9 hour sleep every night. 
I have a bad sleeping habit, especially because I am not a morning person. Sometimes I believe that people who like the morning are mythically creatures. Some nights I will have 5 hours sleep, other 13 hours. I need to even it out, especially as I get exhausted from the simplest of things.

6. Save money
Opting to switch ready-made sandwiches to homemade will save a fuck load of money. That's just one of the ways I plan on saving. I'll be Miss Money Penny by next year.

7. Avoid negativity
I guess this goes hand in hand with avoiding stress. Another bad habit I got into this year is looking at the comment section on articles online, which really rile me up. I can't deal with stupid! Stop doing this to yourself Emily!

8. Blog more
I want this blog to be filled to the brim with great inspiring advertising, photography, graphic design, art, and projects from myself. I want to document more of my projects, and show you my daily life, from events I went too, to outfits I wear.

9. Art as a hobby
I want to get back into art as a hobby for me, something relaxing for myself, a bit of fun.

10. Travel
Getting cheap flights somewhere in Europe or grabbing a train across the country, some sort of travel. Hopefully all that money I would have saved in sandwiches would come in handy.

What's your personal new years resolutions? 
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