I created a bespoke logo for Nowness's 5th anniversary as part of a competition on Talenthouse. Nowness is a luxury lifestyle website focusing on art, culture, fashion, travel, design, film, and gastronomy. The background was created by me and my acrylic paints. I wanted the logo to show creativity straight away but also a sophistication. I practised what the '5' would look like by carefully blending the colours. Nowness predominately uses a black and white colour scheme, however, I wanted the creativity to show, which it usually does in the work showcased on the website.

Please 'love' the logo on Talenthouse as it would help me massively! 


Last week I went to London for two days and visited 3 agencies in that time. On the first day, me and my friend Nora visited a creative team at Publicis for a book crit. They were extremely helpful and even showed us around the new building.

The next day, me and the rest of my course (year 3 and 2) went to Digitas LBi on Brick Lane for a whole day of book crits, talks, and a small brief. The day was lead by a creative team that recently graduated from my course, so it was nice to see them again. The brief we got set was to quickly in teams, come up with a social media post for a scheduled and an unscheduled event/day. We came up with a cute concept for Sony's head splitters on Valentine's Day - sharing the love. (Something along those lines).

Later on through the day, Exterion Media popped in to Digitas to give us another small brief based on their data from Work.Shop.Play. We got asked to do PR release for a news story that would be beneficial for companies to use Exterion Media insight tools and media space, accompanied with info graphics.

Let's just say the next day was a duvet day.


Here are some books that I have read (and some that I have not read yet but got recommend to me). These books are for anyone in advertising, whether you're a copywriter, art director, strategist, etc! Sometimes you just need to pick up these books for guidance as they are difficult to just sit down a read from cover to cover. These books are give in depth information on the industry.

Lateral Thinking by Edward De Bono
This is an extremely difficult book to read because it is so dry and rather confusing. It does give good techniques on how to think laterally and tasks which you can complete. Yet I cannot relate the techniques to idea generation for adverts at the moment. You may get more from it than I did or I maybe missing the point. 

How to Have Creative Ideas by Edward De Bono
Edward De Bono provides numerous activities and examples to help you have creative ideas. This is great if you have a project and is at the idea generation stage. The book allows you to just keep on coming up with ideas or writing without the need to edit. 

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This! by Luke Sullivan 
This is great book filled with advice, information, idea starters, all in a witty way. Sullivan offers information in a professional way as he has had years of experience but also personal views and stories. He even explains that the creative process is like washing a pig. Most of the book I own is full of highlighted sections and notes. It is incredibly useful. 

The Secrets of Successful Copywriting by Pat Quinn
One little confession, I haven't read this book yet. And although it is very old (first published in 1986), some of the same techniques are going to be in there. Yes times and technologies have changed dramatically but the core idea generation techniques have not by much. 

The Advertising Concept Book by Pete Barry
A complete guide to creative ideas, strategies, and campaigning so think now and design later. The great thing about this book is that there are no well polished executed work, just sketches. 

D&AD Annual 2012
This annual is a few years old now so I should either pick up a new one or borrow it from the library. However, the book shows a collection of ideas and work that have won D&AD awards so you know it's fantastic work in there. I use this for inspiration or a kicking off point for when I am stuck. Sometimes you forget just how much you can do with a mobile phone app. 

Creative Strategies by Mario Pricken
This is great for anyone in marketing, media, advertising, or design. The book is spilt into chapters which are nice to digest. The book goes from the creative culture, to team leading, teams, briefing, process, and creative spaces. 

The Copy Book
How some of the best advertising writers in the world write their advertising is all within the pages of this book. Each section focuses on one copywriter, it shows some of their work and a few paragraphs explaining writing.  


Leather ankle boots with gold metal zip, KURT GEIGER, House of Fraser, £150 
Narrow tortoiseshell buckle cuff, KAREN MILLEN, Karen Millen, Sale now £15
Travel collection (wallet, passport holder, luggage tags), ASPINAL OF LONDON, Aspinal of London, £185
Green ribbed funnel neck top, TOPSHOP, Topshop, £14
Long diamante neckless, JOHN LEWIS, John Lewis, £18
Grey chunky mohair jumper, ASOS, asos, now £31
Long sleeve navy crew neck t-shirt, OASIS, Oasis, £15
Cream stripe smart shorts, RIVER ISLAND, River Island, £30
Blue chain cross bag, MODALU, House of Fraser, £99
Striped V neck top, RIVER ISLAND, River Island, £20
Slim pocket camel coat, TOPSHOP, Topshop, £59


“Don't you ever get the feeling that all your life is going by and you're not taking advantage of it? Do you realize you've lived nearly half the time you have to live already?"

This is an extremely late post! I wanted to mention that in the Summer (2014) I read Ernest Hemingway's classic novel The Sun Also Rises, and afterwards I watched the 1957 film. The story revolves around a writer, who lives in Paris, and travels to Spain with a group of friends for the bullfighting. Although Hemingway is a well know fantastic author, I felt like this book was hardly riveting. It is however full of adventure, love, affairs, friendship, conflict, and discrimination. The themes are the wandering lost generation, male insecurity and the destructiveness of sex. 

(image is not my own)


I have been a member on Behance for a while, but it really needed an update. It had old work, especially stuff that I was not even proud of calling mine because my skills have developed so much in the last couple of years. This is NOT my portfolio. I will be publishing a website soon with my portfolio work on there, however Behance is used as a place to show off my collection of work. The social media of creative work.

Check out my Behance and work here at Emily Jayne Lewis Behance . If you like anything please 'appreciate' it, thanks! 


Yesterday I went to Revolve Studios at House of Fraser for a photoshoot, make over and hair done. This is one of the final photos. It was really good and the staff were really friendly. The dress I am wearing in this photo is from H&M.
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